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My Team Of

Skilled Fabricators & Creative Collaborators


Alexander Abajian, Glow Glass Studio

Alexander Abajian has been my main glass blowing assistant, gaffer, and creative problem-solving partner on free-hand blown glass projects for nearly ten years. His breadth of hot shop skills makes him an invaluable asset to my creative team and a key contributor in transforming my ideas into finished works. We both earned our Bachelors of Fine Arts in Glass at RISD and share a deep dedication to our craft. Alex is willing to take the risks needed to keep up with the growing scope and complexity of my projects.

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Evan Kolker

Evan Kolker is a highly skilled mold-maker, mold-blower, and all-around gaffer who I bring in on specific projects that require his unique skill set. During more than twenty years of working with glass, Evan has practiced and perfected various techniques including: hot sculpting, traditional Italian techniques for antique restoration, large-scale mold blowing, and free-hand glass blowing. His commitment to detail and professionalism makes him a strong contributor to our team. 

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Beth Ahlstrand, Dog Fork Lamp Arts

Beth Ahlstand and her team at Dog Fork Lamp Arts have been important fabrication partners of mine for more than six years. Their stellar metal and electrical work has ensured that my finished works will be well-executed and safe. As my designs have evolved from simple pendants to large-scale illuminated sculptures requiring sophisticated armatures and wiring, so has my working relationship with Beth. Her expert engineering and electrical insights have informed the design of prototypes as well as finished works. 

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Hilary Engleman, Fusion Metals

Hilary Engelman approaches metalwork with a refined sculptural sensibility, superb technical skills, and innovative problem-solving. She holds a Bachelors of Fine Arts from UC Santa Cruz and has extensive work and teaching experience. Hilary brings a depth of knowledge that has shaped and informed the design and execution of my pieces. In her personal work, Hilary explores the contrasting relationships between industrial and natural environments expressed through organic forms and clean, architectural lines. The overlap between her formal and conceptual interests and mine make her an ideal creative collaborator. 

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Justin Dawn

Justin Dawn is highly proficient in a wide range of cold-working techniques. He has been responsible for the cutting, grinding, polishing, and drilling of most of the lighting I've created in the last seven years. He is committed to doing excellent work, is efficient, and reliable. His strong work ethic and personal value system instill confidence in me and have lead to a successful working relationship.

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Andreas Lehmann, Lehmann Glass Studio

Andreas Lehmann is a master cold worker and master engraver. He achieved his journeyman certification at Staatliche Glassfachschule Hadamar and gained additional glass design experience at the Glassfachschule in Zwiesel, Bavaria. Over the past several years, I have been fortunate to be able to bring him in on projects that require his expertise and level of refinement. His skillful hands give me confidence that any design I dream up can be executed. 

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