Large Works and Installations

Atherton, CA

Over the course of ­­­two and a half years Jess worked closely with the owners of a private residence in Atherton, CA to design and create eight unique works in glass. Her design process is an amalgamation of her user experience design expertise and the rigorous studio practice she developed at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). Her site-specific, material-driven process guides her through deep investigations of the architecture, landscape, and homeowners she works with. Jess often becomes close with her clients allowing her to delve into their emotions, personal stories, and associations in her projects. 

San Francisco, CA

The Mission

The Mission House is a contemporary, three story townhouse perfectly situated between parks, rolling hills, and tree-lined urban streets. The homeowners approached the interior of the home as a showcase of works of art made by people they were personally connected to. Given this intention, they gave me ample creative freedom to create a number of illuminated sculptures of my choosing for the penthouse, as well as pendants for the kitchen. 

Smaller Works and Pendants


Louisville, KY

Cleveland, OH