Banner Photo Credit: Rachel Lena Esterline

Pendant Designs

Jess designs and creates a limited collection of glass pendant lights. These works are all freehand blown without molds or other reproduction aids and are inspired by the themes and details found in her larger works. Jess draws inspiration from the physical properties of molten glass, its unique optic nature, and the symbolism of transparency and opacity. Her works also have an anthropomorphic quality, drawing their inspiration from the human body as a vessel.   


Lens Pendant

Clear blown glass lenses evoke the dichotomous relationships between vessels and emptiness, clarity and distortion, transparency and opacity. These relationships are fascinating to Jess and inspired her “Lens Pendants.” 

Color: Clear

Dimensions Shown: 10" x 7" (Available in a range of size and shape variations.) 

Illuminated by a custom LED light engine designed and made by Cerno. 



Silver Clear Pendant

Glass, like water, has the unique quality of being simultaneously transparent and reflective. Observing this visual phenomenon while experiencing the invigorating sensory experience of swimming in natural bodies of water inspired these lights.

Color: Clear, Silver Clear

Sizes: (dropped) 10" x 9", (round) 7.5" x 10"

Slight variations in opacity and metallic finish expected due to raw material composition variance. 

Illuminated by custom LEDs by Cerno. 


Gold Interior Pendants


Pendant lights are like pieces of jewelry; they are defined by select details and simple components. But unlike a necklace or earring, the primary experience is from the underside. Jess wanted to play with the intimacy of that unique vantage point in this pendant design. 

Available Colors: White, Canary, Spring Green, Black

Sizes:  (larger) 7" x 10.5", (smaller)5" x 7.5"

Illuminated by custom LEDs by Cerno. 

For wholesale and retail inquiries, please send us a note at the link below.