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  • Yellow and Green Egg Vase
  • Periwinkle and Chili Egg Vase
  • Chartreuse and Grass Green Polka Dot Bowl
  • Lavender and Purple Polka Dot Bowl
  • Princess Egg Vase
  • Grass Green and Canary Polka Dot Bowl
  • Carmel and Purple Polka Dot Bowl
  • Orange and Red Egg Vase

Large Polka Dot Bowl

The satisfying, soothing, feminine form of Jess’ polka dot bowls compliments their surface decoration. The newest addition to the collection is an earthy caramel bowl. Citrus fruits, cherries, plump raspberries, sweet orange peppers, deep purple eggplants, and crisp, fall apples will look beautiful in this particular bowl. The palette and graphic impact of these contemporary vessels makes them a designer’s dream. Fashion and function have inspired Jess to design these eye-catching bowls.

Material: Glass
Size: 8” x 8”
Process: Hand-blown and Hand-polished glass
Lead Time: 4-6 weeks